Monday, 23 January 2012

The "Whore" and How to Conquer Her

The "whore" is what my incredible acting teacher and mentor Richard Pinter uses to describe our brains when they turn against us.  When for some unexplainable reason the buzz of an accomplishment can slowly morph into worry and stress and we start to see the potential problems that this opportunity has seemingly "created".  This "whore" also loves to come around right before an audition (sometimes not until you're in the waiting room) and then sneaks up and crushes your confidence - thus blowing any possibility of booking it.

Recently I had a run in with my own little whore.  It was shortly after I was cast in Queen Marie and I started to worry about what I was going to do before that, and after.  What I'm trying to do now, and trying to make a habit of it, is shifting that energy into positive actions for my career rather than useless worrying.  Instead of stressing about the imaginary gigs before and after, I will edit my resume, update my website, read plays, etc.  Anything that is positive for my career and helps me feel like things are moving forward, because they are!

It really all comes down to fear, and that's what I need to keep reminding myself.  Confidence is the arch enemy of fear, and as May West once said when asked how you "get" confidence, "I dunno, you just GET it!".  True dat May West.

I caught the tail end of "Master Class" on tv last night featuring Morgan Freeman.  His words stories were incredibly inspiring and useful for any career.  He shared a few tips for success that really stuck with me:
  • Make the Best of it 
That means every situation.  See how your current situation will help you in the long term, and if not, at least in the short term.  Even if it seems completely unrelated to what you really want to do - make the best of it.
  • Follow Your Own Muse...Always
Don't just be different for the sake of being different - do it because it makes sense to you.
  • Follow Your Principles
And you will have no regrets
  • Be Irreplaceable
Because you know you are
  • You Have to Listen!
This is the biggest lesson I had to learn in acting and in life!

Adios ya Whore!  Gracias Morgan Freeman.

Teaser poster for Memories is here courtesy of Joseph Procopio!  Next week is a private screening of Footsteps for the cast and crew to see the final cut.

Still on track for 26 Days of Fitness.  Wish me Luck!

xoxo Allie

Here's a little Stars...always think of this video on snowy days!

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