Sunday, 15 January 2012

A Short Film, and a Killer Bachelorette Party...Loving 2012 Already!

I spent most of last weekend in Woodbridge, just outside of Toronto, shooting Joseph Procopio's "Memories" (working title).  Procopio, the 17 (!) year old writer/director was named one of Canada's Top Ten Under 25 (2011) by Maclean's magazine.  Working on the film was an absolute treat.  Not only was Joseph fantastic all around and the crew amazing, but I was co-starring alongside my boyfriend! Unreal.

After the shoot I headed to NYC for a last minute day job trip .  Although going back to NYC was amazing - it really boosted my confidence in the decision to move back to Toronto.  I'm definitely enjoying the smaller pond right now.

Yesterday was my sister Sarah's Bachelorette party and it was epic.  We started at Terroni on Yonge Street (which recently opened its upstairs) which was excellent, and then headed to Le Petite Castor across the street and danced our brains out!  You know it's a good night when you pee your pants...literally.

Moving right along...

In between the bridal shower and bachelorette I had to boot it to the Distillery district to audition for 4th Line Theatre's production of "Queen Marie" the Musical.  I think it went fairly well - running around beforehand definitely helped in a weird way to settle my nerves.  Sometimes when you're not busy - it gives you too much time to amp yourself up about the audition which can interfere with your performance.

I've been a little bit off track with fitness (under statement) but I'm feeling happy as a little clam and ready to get back on track, starting with a Moksha Yoga class tomorrow morning (detox!), and a new workout schedule.  Something good is in the air and I'm loving it.  I'm so excited for this year.  

This song KILLS ME!  Give it a couple of listens and I guarantee you'll be hooked.  I'm literally listening to it on repeat right now.  Also - there's an amazing cover of it that's flying around Facebook right now, but this original version is incredible.

More soon!

xo Allie

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