Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Top Ten Signs You're a Grown Up:
  1. You start reading home decor magazines and or food magazines
  2. Before splurging on a pair of jeans, you consider what kitchen appliance you could get instead
  3. You stop eating kraft dinner (except maybe once a year...obviously with hot dogs)
  4. You refer to your youth as "back in the day" and are shocked when tweens aren't familiar with N'Sync or Backstreet Boys
  5. You start to really appreciate your grandparents and wish you knew more about them
  6. You own a slow cooker
  7. You either own a dog/cat or are seriously considering it...and possibly have a tester plant (mine's name is Joseph...he may or may not be a cactus)
  8. You pretend like the book you're reading on the subway isn't The Hunger Games
  9. You stop hanging out with people who don't make you happy
  10. Benders are replaced by epic dinner parties.
Yep. It's offical.  I think I might be grown up now.  

There are some fairly major parts of being an adult that I'm still not caught up with yet (ie buying a house), but I've finally made the decision to lease a car.  I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!  It's a little black Honda Fit named (probably) Ricky.  It's going to make this summer of performing at 4th Line Theatre even better.  On top of that, I get to pick her up on my birthday!

Half-Marathon training is going pretty well.  I invested in a "Fuel Belt" from running room and bought myself a foam muscle roller.  Now I've just gotta keep my training on track and not freak myself out too much.  Hit the 10 mile mark last week and tomorrow's 11 miles.  Wish me luck, and please feel free to msg me with your favorite running tunes.  

xoxo Allie

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Spring Fever!

I had an amazing time shooting an episode of "Cold Blood" last week - so great to be back on a set!  The late shoot got me home around 4am but I didn't mind.  When you're up really late doing something you're not invested in - resentment is inevitable.  When your heart's in it - it somehow makes it a million times easier to keep your eyes open and your brain in gear.

My 27th Birthday is coming up and I'm actually pretty excited about it.  Some of my friends are freaking out about our age - insistent that we should "have our shit together" by now.  What does that even mean?  I think that comparing yourself and your life to other people's, you are bound to feel inadequate and behind the pack.  The truth is - you are wherever you are supposed to be right now. And your future, is spotless, no excuses not to do everything you want to do and get everything you want out of life.  Stop putting up artificial barriers and making excuses.  I have a hard time keeping these thoughts in check sometimes but something about the Spring, and my birthday, is just reminding me more than ever to be present and enjoy life.  Somehow it's a little easier to keep these things in check when the birds are a chirpin and the buds are blooming.

I've been putting a lot of this positive excited energy into my half-marathon training as well as working on my business plan for the small business I will be opening in September.  I have hummed and hawed a lot about the ever challenging question of what day job is the best for me as an actor.  I've done the bartending thing, I've served a ton, and most recently I've been babysitting.  Each has their pros and cons and although currently I'm just thrilled not to be working in a bar until all hours, I still find myself frustrated that I can't be using more of my skills and that my hours are so weird (right now I work long hours on weekends and short hours weekday evenings).  I'm trying to think long term here.  How can I support myself when acting is inconsistent and live a comfortable life, but also be able to see my family and friends more, ie have a more balanced life overall?  So that's where the starting a business idea came into play and I will give more detail about it as it comes closer to the start date in Fall of 2012.

I am also getting a car soon as I'll definitely need one doing the musical in Millbrook this summer...YAAAAAY!  I have my eye on a Honda Fit but we'll see... So excited to be able to go visit my sisters whenever I want!

I'm excited for my 27th year to start with a half marathon and a new side job option on the horizon.  It's so easy to get overwhelmed with the past and the future but something that keeps bouncing around my brain is: the only one responsible for your own happiness is yourself, so do what you need to do for it to be a reality.

I leave you with an amazing catchy tune by the Avett Brothers...