Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Perfect Winter Wedding

This is some of the best stuff life has to offer.  Incredible people coming together and celebrating an amazing relationship.  This weekend, my big sister Sarah was married to her fiance Bill at Oslerbrook in Collingwood.  It was an outdoor cermony (they are super athletic and love winter sports), so the weather holding up and showing some beautiful snow had all of us crossing our fingers for the last month!

The snow came, right on time, and it fell throughout the short but sweet and full-of-love ceremony.  Betty, their beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog walked down the aisle with a double string pearl necklace (which she was very excited about wearing!).  Jose Gonzales' rendition of "Heartbeats" played as we, the bridesmaids, walked down the snowy aisle.  As Sarah emerged in her GORGEOUS gown and fur shawl, Bob Marley's "I Don't Want to Wait in Vain" played.  It was perfect.  The biggest reason it was such an incredible wedding was because of the two individuals coming together.  Sarah is truly one of the strongest, most beautiful, hilarious creatures on the planet and I am so blessed to call her my big sister.  Bill is her perfect counterpart and I cannot be happier that they found each other. I love him so much and am so excited to call him my brother in law.

Because Sarah and Bill are so active, and avid "Cross-fitters", there were some pretty strong and healthy looking guests at the wedding!  It was pretty awesome dancing the night away with some of their gym buddies.  Work hard, play hard!

Moving home was the right decision for me for career reasons without a doubt, but it's also been the right decision for me personally.  I am so happy that after the ceremony I didn't have to fly off to NYC and not see them for a few months.  I want my life to be here right now and make up for a little lost time with my sisters, friends and other family.

I did a fairly spastic speech at the wedding but incase I didn't get everything across that I wanted to I hope this blog helps.  Sarah and Bill are celebrating their honeymoon/first Valentines Day as a married couple/Sarah's 30th Birthday in Costa Rica now.  Cheers to you both Mr and Mrs Pain!!

xoxo Allie

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