Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The "Santa Shuffle" - aka Rump Roast Part One

Something inexplicable has happened since my 25th Birthday.  I knew that at some point my metabolism would slow and my body would change a little, but nobody warned me that my once flat-as-a-pancake bum might transform into a full blown rump.  And so it has.  Interesting.

So I decided to run the 5K Santa Shuffle for the Salvation Army.  I was encouraged by my good friend and fellow blogger Krysten (Misadventures of a Darwinian Fail) to run with her.  

The weather was great, the spirit was incredible and Santa gave me a high five as I crossed the finish line of what was my very first race.  Aside from accidentally throwing my iphone into the middle of the stampeded half-way through the run, it seemed to be a success!  And I made my goal of completing the run in under 30 mins.  I also completed what is the first step of an even larger goal, to run my first half marathon in May.

I Auditioned for a condiminium commercial yesterday with more complex dialogue than I've had to memorize for a Shakespearean piece!  This should be illegal.  After stumbling over the company's name a few times, I finally spewed out "TAMPAX!" and after a small rumble of laughter I was excused from the room.  The funny thing is - I'm probably more likely to book that commercial than all the other ones where I left the room thinking the audition went really well!  Totally unpredictable.

CanStage General audition coming up this Thursday.  I've got my 16 bars of a song and 2 contrasting monologues picked out and ready to go.  Wish me luck!



*Note to self for goal setting - make small realistic goals for short term but remember to keep the big ones within sight!

Goals - This Week
Acting Career: Mail Holiday Cards to Toronto Industry (half-done), prep for CanStage Audition, Network with people in Toronto.
Fitness:  Run 15K (4.5/15 complete)
For Fun:  Get a Christmas Tree!!

Goals - Longer Term
Acting Career - Audition for The Stratford Festival, book a good commercial, Act for a Living
Fitness:  Run a Half Marathon (May!)
For Fun:  Get a Puppy

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